What Equipment Does My Child Need to Play Soccer?

Many school-aged children across the country love to playing soccer. Playing soccer is good for health and It also built-up a high-level confidence in your child to face the difficulties in ground and life. So You have to encourage your child to play soccer. Your child should have some equipment as mentioned below:

Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball

Soccer ball is a mean equipment if you want to play soccer. It comes in different sizes so you have to choose the best size for your child. A ball shouldn’t be very small or very big, it would be perfect size according to you child age and height.

Shin Guards

As everyone knows that soccer is definitely a contact sport. Shin guards reduce to chance of injury of the shin. You have chosen best quality shin guards for your child.

Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats also the main equipment in a soccer game if you want to give proper training to your child.You’ll need to buy a pair of best soccer cleats for kids. Some child uses normal athletic shoes to play soccer, but soccer cleats are specially made to play soccer. It gives better control of the ball during the game. Whenever you go to buy soccer cleats for you child make sure that their foot should be perfectly fit in this. Shoes shouldn’t loose or tight. Cleats should be made by rubber, not metal.They help your child to play well with control.

Water Bottle

You should give a water bottle to your child because many health experts advise to drink fluids, preferably sports drinks, before, during and after practices and games, even in the cold weather, to avoid dehydration, or worse yet, heat illness. you should not forget water bottle when you pack soccer kit for your child.


Most of the soccer training academies provide team uniform for free or they charged the cost of uniform during registration, But if the uniform is not provided by the training academy then you have to check with the coach about the color of uniform or from where you can buy the uniform.

Long Socks

You will need to buy long socks. Mainly socks come with uniform because every team has their unique color of socks which match with uniform color.

Athletic bag

You child should have an athletic bag to carry equipment. An Athletic bag should have enough space to contain all equipment.

I hope this content will make clear your doubts about the soccer’s equipment.