Kids Zone

Hi guys and welcome to my sports camps in sunny're gonna have a great time and for now here's some information for you! Ramon


KIDS PACKS ... You'll each receive a great tee shirt, cap and water bottle when you arrive at camp but look after these because we can only issue one set to each of you

WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING WITH YOU ... Don't forget, we'll be giving you a great tee shirt, cap and water bottle and any other sporting equipment will be provided for you to use when you're at our camps. And if you need to use shin-pads we do have plenty that you can borrow at any time. Apart from that make sure you've got plenty of sun protection cream on and make sure you bring extra so that you can top-up during the day.

CLOTHING & SHOES ... Our pitches are laid with great turf so you can wear studs or molds, whatever you prefer. And as long is the ground is firm and dry then trainers and sneakers are also OK too. And just make sure that you're wearing the right clothes for a day of outdoors sports and activities fun. And if you want to wear your own football strips then that's absolutely fine

X-BOX 360 COMPETITION ... Win an X-Box 360! ! For more information on this you'll be able to find what the competition is all about as well as the rules, on our website - so check it out now!